Have you wanted to reclaim wonder in your life?


Breathing tinder into flame

(Photo coutesy of Shawn Thew)

Photo coutesy of Shawn Thew


Magic comes from learning to perceive anew

    ...noticing the world with new context and receptivity.

Peter in class

For some, simplifying is the answer. For others, attuning to subtlety and complexity opens the door. It may be reading the story of tracks on the ground, feeling the pulse of nature, or hearing the sound of the elements and movement of the animals. You might want to know the excitement of competently creating shelter, tools, or beautiful and useful crafts.

Peter in lecture

Teachings from ancient cross-cultural wisdom help to develop a well-rounded person by accessing instinct and intuition, expanding perception, and learning a broader scope for coping with the complexity of our technological world.

In the development of a well-rounded person, modern Psychology commonly falls short by fixating on one’s own wounds or understanding (the narcissistic state). Modern spiritual endeavors often focus on losing one’s self to greater phenomena, while forgetting the importance of developing one’s sense of self beforehand. And modern fitness training mechanistically tends to focus on "performance" using repetitive movement, rather than developing spontaneous coordination with adaptable function.

Bow making class outside teaching shelter

Teaching in the Arizona desert

If you are hungry to experience nature with a greater sense of belonging...

    ...and to learn skills that will enhance your everyday life,