If you are looking for stimulating new ways to engage your student's interest in learning while simultaneously maintaining enthusiasm over the long-haul, these workshops are invaluable. Awareness training, especially outdoors, is a deeply effective way of balancing the learning process.

Learning to truly pay attention to our surroundings opens a "magical" doorway where students can discover new excitement. Opening this doorway helps us develop spontaneity and increased creativity. Peter Wolf's programs are a hands-on engaging experience steeped in age old cross-cultural ways, which foster knowledge and self-esteem.

Awareness skills are the antidote to television. They can help put an end to shortened attention, skepticism, and difficulties in abstract and critical thinking, as well as attitudes of impatience and boredom. Adults, adolescents and children alike report astonishment at how much more they learn to notice and experience by taking these workshops. This learning model applies to people of all ages by developing a spark and delight in learning.