Blurred edges (5 pels, selected 4 sides), drop shadow)


From a single footprint ...

a good tracker reads tremendous information.

Every animal, and person, writes its unique signature upon the landscape.

Size and characteristics, changes in movement and direction, emotional state, head and eye position, and more.



With practice and training,

    a good tracker will sense the animal in its track

      as if it were still standing there.

All things on Earth leave a track and every track can be read.

Tracking class in CA

Start tuning your awareness how tracks are everywhere in the landscape.

Learning to understand
nature's true complexity is easy,
once you know how.

Learning to track is like learning to read.

Tracking is both a science requiring definitions,
and an art of activating intuition.


This class has fifteen levels.



Come join the excitement of learning to track animals

Each evening begins with a mystery. Somewhere in the desert or canyon, an animal has walked and left it's story. The tale is not just about where the animal walked-- But what it was doing...feeling...watching...

When we learn to track, a magic place opens as we step into the animal's world for those moments...

Come join me in visiting this world.

Each evening, we will find a new series of animal tracks to follow and explore. This will be a "nuts and bolts", real-time tracking class.