Come learn how to create fire using only the elements around you.

In this class you will learn to make fire with something as simple as the rocks at your feet.

Go far enough back in your history, and you will find ancestors who made fire using the methods taught in this class.


Fire provides so much more than warmth; It is a tool and friend to be respected. In additon to heat and light, fire can make hunting implements and eating utensils. It can tan and weatherproof hides for clothing, dry foods for storage, eliminate scents, and more.

To "primitive" peoples, fire was a gift from the Creator and making it was a sacred ritual of creation itself. Few things offer such rewarding satisfaction as being able to feel at home just about anywhere. Learning to generate fire inspires this experience.

Using only what nature provides, the skills taught in the class allow you the safety and comfort to go almost anywhere in the world and feel at home.

Bow drill