Go ahead -- give away that old sleeping bag. After this class, you will never need one again.


Using only what nature provides, the skills taught in the class allow you the safety and comfort to go almost anywhere in the world and feel at home.

We'll create a secure, insulated, weatherproof dwelling for one or two people that can be built with your own hands and very little time.

Several kinds of individual shelters will be taught. You will leave with the skills to construct one of your own.



A group shelter can be about building a 'thing'... and ... it can also be an incredible vehicle for developing skills of cooperation and conflict resolution with groups of people who interact together on a daily basis.

Depending on the group, this class can be taught with either intention.

Whether in the wilds, or in your own backyard, imagine creating a special place to relax, think, work a hobby, or have extraordinary quietude - easily made with your own hands.

Come learn and build long lasting, insulated shelters that can sleep many people comfortably in any weather.

Several kinds of group shelters will be taught in this class.